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Corporate Portraits.

Why don't you just use a white background?

If we photograph you against a white background, you're going to look like a mass-produced apple product.

If that's your identity as a person and a professional, then sure, let's roll out the white cardboard backdrop.

Most professionals I meet aren't like that. They're creative. Thoughtful. Quirky. Playful. Deep. Hard. Bubbly. Capable. Devastating.

It's a new word for every person, and I prefer to capture that.

So yes, we'll shoot in a natural setting. 

Yes, we'll walk outside and it will take longer than the guy who took your picture in a minute last time.

And yes, I will work with you to make a photo that you feel will represent you better than what you're currently using.

If it's white background or indoors you really need, head over to my Studio Portraits page and use the pricing for that (or you could just send me a note).

Otherwise, check out more of my work just here, or my pricing below.

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