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Creative Portraits.

I'll be honest, with a majority of these, I have no idea what they might look like before I get together with my clients and subjects. There's a necessary looseness to this style of working, and it's a tiny bit jazz.


Some of these images were made with people I know well and love. Others were done on demand, for certain projects or releases. Others still are a documentation of the 'getting to know you' process, where the subject and I had met for only one coffee before dedicating two or three hours to making photos in a sandbox-style space.

The process has never been the same, and the outputs are varied. I'm a fairly flexible photographer, so I can work to a brief or commission. However, my favourite and most creative space to shoot in is where we have a lot of time and only vague goals.

This body of work below represents both. If it looks like something you'd like to explore for yourself, my pricing is at the bottom.

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